Importing an UML model Tutorial

Learn how to import an existing UML model in UML Designer to create new representations.

Go to the ‘Modeling’ perspective

First make sure you are in the ‘Modeling’ perspective. If the ‘Modeling’ perspective is not active, in the title bar select Window > Open Perspective > Other > Modeling

Create the project

First, you need to create an UML Project.

In the title bar, select File > New > Project…> UML Designer > UML Project. Enter the name of the new project and hit ‘Next’. On the next page, select ‘Model’ as type for the UML model root element, and then ‘Finish’.

Import the existing UML model

In the ‘Model Explorer’ view a new project was created. To create a new representations for existing UML model, you can :

  • Simply drag & drop the models in the Project.
  • Or Right-click Project Dependencies item in the ‘Model Explorer’ view and select the ‘Add Model’ action. Then in the wizard select the UML model that must be imported.

The selected file should be an OMG compliant XMI file and should define as extension ‘.uml’.