Create a representation Tutorial

Learn how to create your first UML diagram. This tutorial will guide you through the creation of an UML diagram.

Create a class diagram

To create your first diagram:

  • In the ‘Model Explorer’ view, select an UML project. If no project exists have a look to the corresponding cheatsheet in the Help > Welcome > Getting Started > First steps > Create a new project.
  • Right-click on the project and select ‘Create Representation’
  • In the wizard, expand ‘Design’, select ‘Class Diagram’ and then ‘Next’.
  • On the next page, select ‘Model’ as semantic element to which the diagram will be attached. In our example the new class diagram will be attached to the root element of the UML model.

Set the name of the representation

Give a name to the new class diagram.

New class diagram is opened

A new class diagram editor is opened, you can use the tools in the palette to create new elements. Have a look to the UML Designer User Guide for more detailed information on tools.